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Xtreme Gardening harnesses the power of microbial evolution, isolating the most critical members of the soil food web that have repeatedly proven to improve plant performance. Gardeners can experience an increase in crop quality and crop yields, while also improving nutrient and water management. 

From gardens

to greenhouses,

Xtreme Gardening has

you covered.

Xtreme Gardening was born with the goal to inspire a new generation of gardeners & growers looking to maximize yield & quality through organic amendments. Xtreme Gardening mycorrhizal fungi & beneficial microbes allow your plants to embrace what is available to them & unlock the full potential of your garden. 
mykos, mycorrhizae, mycorhizal fungi
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The Importance of Soil Biology

In every square inch of soil, there are billions of microbes that make up a complex community of organisms living in and around the roots of plants. The soil food web is a series of conversions of energy and nutrients between microbes.

What are Mycorrhizal Propagules?
Propagules are the most up to date form of mycorrhizal accounting. Be aware of these figures shown when you are buying mycorrhizal inoculants. Not all mycorrhiza is created equal! 

Proudly cultivated and packaged in California, USA.

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