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Check out what these Xtreme Gardeners have to say about using our products!

Ryan C.
West Virginia, USA

"Hello my name is Ryan Cook and it was my first year growing giant pumpkins, long gourds, bushel gourds, watermelon etc etc and I grew the New world record giant butternut squash at 83lbs 1oz. and I used your products on my plants and I definitely could tell a difference in those I used it on the the ones I didn’t. I used it on my butternut at every root node. I have pictures if you’d like to see it! Thank you for a awesome product!!"

Brad B.

"When starting my garden I always start rite, by using Mykos and Azos to get nice big roots, to get nice big fruits. And plants love the tea's."

J. Allen
California, USA

"Love your Xtreme product - I use it with my garden plants and houseplants. Very effective! Thank you for producing an excellent product that produces results!"

Alex L.
North Carolina, USA

"Love your products, been using them for years.  Mykos + Azos is the best combo during transplanting!"

Thomas N.
Illinois, USA

"I like your product so much that I promote it on my you tube channel: Grow and Clip Bonsai for Seniors. Excellent product. I put you product in my soil mixes and use it also in growing seedlings, etc.
Thank you for a great product." 

Dustin S.
California, USA

"You guys have the best product hands down . I used to use other mycorrhizae but quickly switched to your product for half the cost and better results.  Just want to say thank you for this opportunity to give my information and feed back directly towards you."

Ron R.
California, USA

"I was skeptical at first but I have been blown away at the results."

Brandon C.
Colorado, USA

"Love these products. They are a staple in my garden!"

Richard S.
California, USA

"Amazing product my plants have never looked so lush and beautiful."

James G.
North Carolina, USA

"I absolutely love using mykos and Azos from you guys I use it with every transplant and in my teas"

Steve S.
Arizona, USA

"I ordered a sample pack earlier this summer and transplanted autoflowering cannabis as well as culinary herbs (all started from seeds), using the mykos at the root balls and only top dressing and making actively aerated compost teas with the xtreme tea and the azos. The herbs are beautiful and the autoflowering cannabis plants yielded double what I had harvested earlier in the summer. Will be using your products this next spring and can't wait to see what results I can come up with. BTW I grew up in an agriculture community and have been growing gardens for myself as well as clients for the past 25 years. Look forward to trying out your products more in the coming growing seasons. Thanks guys.....(roots in the photo grew twice as long as the container was deep). wOw!"

Charles C.
Oregon, USA

"You guys make great products I have been using them for 12 years"

Florida, USA

"Love your products! Always fresh, top quality, reasonable price and fast shipping. Using your Azos and Mykos products have increased plant growth and harvest amounts significantly. Other growers are amazed at the size of my seedlings and how quickly and consistently they develop."

Robert S.
Pennsylvania, USA

"I use mykos azos and calcarb. I love all of them my plants have never looked better!"

Michael L.
Pennsylvania, USA

"I've used Mykos for almost 10 yearsnow. Great product. Helps with transplant shock, especially for my asiansquash plants (luffa, bitter melon, Japanese kabocha, and winter melon). Helps with root growth and development. My pepper and tomatoplants grow at least 8-10 feet tall. "

Jedidah R.
California, USA

"Thank you for your innovation in bringing micro organism science to mainstream accessibility. Keep up thegreat work"

James R.
Michigan, USA

"Have enjoyed your products for years. One of the best on the market imo. "

John P.
Missouri, USA

"I am a mentor for new cultivators and always recommend Mykos as a must-have product. I like that Mykos contains the one type of micorrhizae that works with cannabis, rather than a mix of types that don't. The day I started using Mykos was the day my plants started improving yield. I have a group of licensed growers who meet at my home regularly and every one of us uses Mykos. The picture below is of some clone when they were about 7 weeks old, with Mykos."

Ryan R.
Michigan, USA

"Used a sample pack of Azos and its seriously the best thing I could give to my plants and my medium!! I'll be definitely using it again and plenty more times after!"

Proudly cultivated and packaged in California, USA.



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