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Cultivating Knowledge

AZOS Red Liquid Now Available!

New from Xtreme Gardening, our classic Azospirillum is now available in liquid form in a 500 mL and a 10 L packages!
Living Viable Biological Inoculant - AZOS Red Liquid is a living product with millions of colonies of Azospirillum brasilense at 1 x 10^8 CFU per mL. Azos Red liquid can be used in conjunction with other fertilizers/bio-stimulants and is designed to be compatible with all waterborne applications/fertigation systems. Azos Red Liquid is designed for middle to large scale growers looking to increase the efficiency of their clones and nursery plants as well as boosting vegetative growth.
Packaged Fresh to Order - Being cultured and packaged to order, AZOS Red Liquid is one of the freshest and biologically active microbial products on the market.
Purchase Per Crop Cycle - AZOS Red Liquid holds its viability for at least three months. To ensure the best results, we recommend you purchase only enough for a single crop cycle. Best when stored in a refrigerator.

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