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Image by Alexander Schimmeck

Cultivating Knowledge

MYKOS, Arbuscular Mycorrhizal Fungi

Soil biology provides a background of billions of microbes, mostly friendly, to the plant in every ounce of healthy soil. Mycorrhizal fungi make up about 80% or more of the weight and biomass of all the beneficial microbes in the soil.

Arbuscular mycorrhizae, a type of endomycorrhizae, are found in the roots of over 90% of all terrestrial plant species. As mycorrhizal fungi grow, they form long threadlike networks of hyphae that become deeply embedded within root tissue and extend into the soil beyond the reach of the roots themselves.

A tablespoon of soil may contain up to a mile of these hyphal filaments that expand the host plant’s sphere of access to moisture and nutrients by up to 50 times. The moisture and nutrient acquisition of an efficiently colonized system may be up to ten times greater than that of non-inoculated root systems. A well-established root network also helps stave off competing plant species, and the increased fitness afforded the whole system creates a degree of pest resistance.

In turn, the fungi receive carbohydrates created by the plant through photosynthesis, thus establishing a symbiotic relationship between plant and fungi. Without the carbon energy source from the plant, the mycorrhizal fungi will die.

This naturally-occurring phenomenon has been happening since long before the invention of the microscope, though we are just now gaining an understanding of how it works and its practical applications.

MYKOS is a single species of arbuscular mycorrhizae, it is easy to use and can make a huge difference in your garden’s overall performance. Achieve larger crop yields while maintaining a low input cost with the assistance of natural biology. Amend MYKOS into your soil as well as dusting plant roots at transplant.

Contact us or your local garden supply store for more product details.

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