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Image by Alexander Schimmeck

Cultivating Knowledge

It’s Garlic time!

That time of the year has come when over 100,000 people gather together to relish “The Stinking Rose”, this time of year is otherwise known as Gilroy’s Annual Garlic Festival. Since 1979 Gilroy has been hosting the largest food festival in the United States, and is now known as the Garlic capital of the world. The festival takes place on the last full weekend of July, this year it will be held on July 24-26, at Christmas Hill Park. The festival has had over three million attendees since it first began, and has managed to raise over five million dollars for non-profit organizations.

Now let’s talk garlic! Usually planting season is between August and September. Using mycorrhizae while you plant garlic can lead to a bounty full of healthier and bigger cloves. Mycorrhizae is a mutualistic association between a fungus and the roots, forming a beneficial relationship for both organisms. Mycorrhizae also enhances the plants ability to absorb water and nutrients from the surrounding soil while increasing the plants ability to protect itself from pathogens and diseases. Applying MYKOS at the time of planting, will allow your garlic bulbs to absorb the required nutrients to grow tastier and healthier. It’s time to roll up your sleeves, enjoy some delicious garlic ice cream and let’s get planting!

MYKOS works fast and helps create strong roots in over 90% of common plants, including garlic. Some additional benefits of MYKOS are:

  • It stimulates root growth

  • Protects against drought

  • Improves soil structure

  • Reduces transplant shock

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